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The Road to Dune (and how we got precisely nowhere) »

Morel has wandered off into the desert (in a curious twist he was finally lured away by a Hasbro boardgame adaptation just like Peter Berg), Paramount is out of the picture and “Right now, Dune has no commitments or attachments” (Deadline New York). After more than three years Paramount has finally given up on Dune.  […]

Dune Links 2011 »

This is the forth version of this listing, the only changes this time are to remove a couple of inactive sites. As always, let me know if there’s owt to be added or deleted – Thanks! –DF Discussion Dedicated Dune forums and discussion boards. Jacurutu: The Cast Out – The de-facto home of the Orthodox […]

The Art of Peter Berg’s Dune »

A lone figure is dwarfed by a giant sandworm. Jock has posted some of his Dune Concept Art on his site. Back in November 2008, concept artist Jock mentioned in an interview that he was working on some art for a film called Dune directed by Peter Berg.  That particular project died a death with […]

Dune Fan Fiction Contest »

What with the current total lack of news about the new Dune film – here’s something to keep you entertained, organised by the one-and-only SandChigger from Hairy Ticks of Dune: Hairy Ticks of Dune, in conjunction with Jacurutu, is proud to announce the Dune Fan Fiction Contest. This contest, as an unofficial, unauthorized and completely […]

Other Dune Fonts »

I’ve gotten a few commenters, both on the Dune Font post and elsewhere asking about other Dune fonts – so I thought I’d make a bit of a reference post. Dune (1984) Top of the list is the font used for David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of Dune. The font is an alternate version of Albertus […]

Dune Smileys / Emoticons »

I’ve been knocking these up in bits and bats for ages now. Please feel free to copy them, distribute them and use them on your forums. That’s what they’re for. Shield Harvester Jihad ‘Thopter Landsraad “Diplomacy” Wormsign Appreciation for Kevin J. Anderson Affection for the dictahiker. Enjoy. –DuneFish

London, Prague… Desert Planet? »

May 2010 – On the Road to Montreal (Montreal Gazette) Producers from Paramount Pictures were in town last week scouting locations for a remake of the sci-fi cult classic Dune; the producers are choosing between London, Prague and Montreal. Producers Richard P. Rubinstein, Michael D. Messina and John Harrison were all involved in the […]

Chase Palmer to Write Dune Script »

Feb 2010 – ‘Dune’ film finds a new writer ( Chase Palmer has been hired to work on the “Dune” script for director Pierre Morel at Paramount. So who is this guy and what has he done? … Funny you should ask… Shock and Awe from Miky Wolf on Vimeo. NEO-NOIR from Chase Palmer […]

Morel: “I want to be very very true to the original novel.” »

Feb 2010 – CS Video: Pierre Morel Arrives From Paris With Love ( Morel: Let me assure you, I’m not going to transform Dune into an action crazy movie. It’s not the point. I was a fan of the book from the start, I read the book when I was 14-15 maybe, and I’ve been […]

Dune Director Morel: “It’s not about action… It’s just doing Dune.” »

Feb 2010 – Dune’s New Messiah (IGN) Morel: “We’re starting from scratch. Peter had an approach which was not mine at all, and we’re starting over again. I don’t think we’re going to keep any elements of the Peter Berg script. It was good, actually. It was interesting. It was just not our vision.“ “Dune […]