Brian Herbert: “They want to do a classic interpretation of the novel”

Aug 2009 – Winds of Dune Author Brian Herbert on Flipping the Myth of Jihad (SciFi Scanner – AMC Blogs)

Q: Are you optimistic about Peter Berg’s upcoming adaptation?
[Brian Herbert]A: Kevin and I are technical advisors on it. We sat in with them for a meeting about the script, and we gave them a lot of information and our feelings about the need for authenticity. They want to do a classic interpretation of the novel, and it would follow the plot more carefully. But it’s such a huge canvas. And so we’re in the script-writing phase right now, and we’re hopeful it gets the green-light beyond that. And if the movie does well, then there will be additional Dune movies and perhaps some TV specials and that kind of thing.”

“Classic interpretation” is sounding a little more hopeful, and the mention of additional movies and TV specials hints that they really want to push the Dune franchise for all it’s worth. Which could go both ways.

A quick round-up of what’s been going on with Peter Berg’s new Dune Movie. More movie news will be posted here at the Fish Speaker as and when it comes up – Stay tuned!

May 2009 – Rob Pattinson To Go From New Moon To New Dune? (X17 Online)

While on a short break from shooting New Moon [Twilight 2] up in Vancouver, Rob met with Friday Night Lights and Hancock director Peter Berg, who’s also set to direct another big screen adaptation of the sci-fi classic, Dune.

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