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There are a huge number of Dune resources, fansites and forums out there – many of them very inactive and more exist only in links that point to expired domains. The purpose of this list, and the updated lists that follow it is to establish a long term, updated record of good Dune sites that are active now as well as ‘old faithfuls” that are still on-line. Dead sites will be removed and new ones added. Use the comments system to recommend missing sites or report inactive ones. Thanks :)

This is the third version of this listing, the updates are relatively minor.


Dedicated Dune forums and discussion boards.

Jacurutu: The Cast Out – The de-facto home of the Orthodox Herbertarian Jihad – A large active membership of well-informed fans of the Classic Dune series. Prequel fans are welcome, but will have to fight their ground and support their arguments with FH quotes!

Fed2k – Game centric Dune discussion and related resources such as FAQs, patches and more.

De Dune à Rakis – French Dune Forum.

Dune Novels.com – The ‘official’ forum. Great for fans of the new Dune books by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, less great for critical thinking – you will get banned!

Boards with Dune content

Worm’s SciFi Haven – General scifi with a good few Dune fans.

The (Almost) Undeleted – General scifi with a dedicated Dune section and an excellent bibliography of Frank Herbert secondary sources.

KJA Special Forces – A secret invitation only haven for fans of Kevin J. Anderson’s work.

Other (less active) Dune boards

Sietch Tabr – Limited membership/activity. Has some promise as a Jacurutu/DN middle road, but never really seemed to get off the ground. Has an attached Dune Wiki site.

Alt.Fan.Dune – Ancient but quiet. Home of the the Dune FAQ (always handy) and digging deep with unearth some gems from the likes of the late Dr. McNelly.

The Landsraad – Used to be an major site before it was migrated to Multiply.

Dune Blogs

Hairy Ticks of Dune – Unrelenting stream of bile focussed on the new Dune books and their author.

Kevin J. Anderson’s Blog – The author of the new Dune books.


The Dune Encyclopedia at thedune.ru – Download Dr. Willis E. McNelly’s legendary Dune Encyclopedia (*in English) in a fully searchable PDF format. Well worth a look.

Dr. Willis E. McNelly: Dune Encyclopedia and Beyond – The late doctor’s official site.

Frank Herbert: The Works – Bob R. Bogle’s indepth look at all things FH (well worth a look)

Frank Herbert – Tim O’Reilly’s 1977 biography of Frank Herbert. Now out-of-print, but still available online. This contains some incredible FH quotes and should be considered a must-read.

Dune – Behind the Scenes – Heaps of info on David Lynch’s 1984 film as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ill fated attempt.

Collectors of Dune – Complete listings for everything Dune related that you might be able to find on eBay.

OrthodoxHerbertarian.ttf – The Dune Font – My own recreation of the font used on classic US Ace editions of the Dune Chronicles and other FH books.

Usul’s Homepage – Probably the original Dune site. It hasn’t been updated for years, but it still has some incredible resources including Dune 7 fan-fiction and a very handy pronunciation guide featuring Frank Herbert himself. Well worth a look.

The Dune Wiki – Semi-abandoned, but still alive Wikia wiki dedicated to Dune. Covers both Original Dune and Nu-dune as well as Dune in other media.

Cave of Birds – Excellent resource for quotes from most FH novels.

Dune Index – Book covers, collectors and more.

Other Dune Sites

I, Scytale – Fanfiction

Arrakis Awakening – There is a long history of fan-made Dune RPGs played on forums. Some, like the incredibly long-running Dune PBEM concentrate on managing your own Great House and the intrigues of Landsraad politics. Others, such as Arrakis Awakening, take a more narrative approach, with players controlling individual characters from the chronicles.

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