Berg quits Dune – “Paramount wanted someone dedicated”

In a post about Peter Berg’s upcoming Hancock sequel – which seems to have moved up a gear in the past few days, speculated:

“This most likely means director Peter Berg’s Dune will be pushed back another two years.”

However Byron Merritt, Frank Herbert’s grandson and admin on the official Dune Forum posted this in response to the rumour that Peter Berg would not direct Dune (2010):

“It is official: Peter Berg is no longer the director. Who will it be? We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I believe it was mutually understood between Paramount and Berg. He has too many other items on his plate and Paramount wanted someone dedicated to the DUNE film.”

It’s a bit odd that it’s only KJA and Byron (both in the Herbert camp) saying this stuff and it is yet to surface on any “more reputable” sources.  :-?

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