Dune goes to “Hollywood Hell” – KJA

Nov 2009 – Brian Herbert (and Kevin J. Anderson) Interview (The Author Hour)

Matthew Peterson: …I hear that there is another Dune movie that’s in the works. How is that one going?

Kevin J. Anderson:
It’s in Hollywood hell at the moment.

Matthew Peterson: Oh, yeah.

Kevin J. Anderson: It’s kind of a waiting game. But we can certainly hope, because I think Peter Jackson really raised the bar for all the film makers. When he did The Lord of the Rings, I think he really proved to everybody that you really can do justice to a huge, epic, complex story and get it right.

Matthew Peterson: Yeah. Well, third time is a charm. [laughs]

Brian Herbert: They’re talking about a classic interpretation of Dune, and Paramount’s pretty serious about it, so I’m hoping it goes forward.


Another fairly standard nu-dune interview where Brian hints that he might just have a clue and KJA sounds like a cock. No real surprises, Paramount does have high hopes for it’s big budget adaptation of Dune, but 2 years later the script’s not finished, the director’s quit and all they’ve got to show for it is Kevin J. Anderson sounding like a cock.

Could be worse.

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