Morel: “I want to be very very true to the original novel.”

Feb 2010 – CS Video: Pierre Morel Arrives From Paris With Love (

Morel: Let me assure you, I’m not going to transform Dune into an action crazy movie. It’s not the point. I was a fan of the book from the start, I read the book when I was 14-15 maybe, and I’ve been reading it over and over and over. I’m a huge fan of the original material, I don’t want to ge away from that, I want to be very very true to the original novel.

It’s very challenging, it’s very complex. A lot of what is going on in the book is happening people’s minds, which is tough to show. It has lots of layers – politics and lots of interaction between different things… It’s a challenging thing, because it’s very rich, the original book is so rich. You cannot condense it to a 90 minute move, it has to like 2-and-a-half hours at least, and still there you have… it’s compact.

But we can make it. I think the technology now allows us to do much more than David could do in 84.

The Dune content begins around 14 minutes in. Again, encouraging.

“We’re starting from scratch,” says Morel. “Peter had an approach which was not mine at all, and we’re starting over again. I don’t think we’re going to keep any elements of the Peter Berg script. It was good, actually. It was interesting. It was just not our vision.
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