Dune Links 2011

This is the forth version of this listing, the only changes this time are to remove a couple of inactive sites.

As always, let me know if there’s owt to be added or deleted – Thanks! –DF


Dedicated Dune forums and discussion boards.

Jacurutu: The Cast Out – The de-facto home of the Orthodox Herbertarian Jihad – A large active membership of well-informed fans of the Classic Dune series. Prequel fans are welcome, but will have to fight their ground and support their arguments with FH quotes!

Fed2k – Game centric Dune discussion and related resources such as FAQs, patches and more.

De Dune à Rakis – French Dune Forum.

Boards with Dune content

Worm’s SciFi Haven – General scifi with a good few Dune fans.

The (Almost) Undeleted – General scifi with a dedicated Dune section and an excellent bibliography of Frank Herbert secondary sources.

KJA Special Forces – A secret invitation only haven for fans of Kevin J. Anderson’s work.

Other (less active) Dune boards

Dune Novels.com – The ‘official’ forum. Limited discussion.

Alt.Fan.Dune – Ancient but quiet. Home of the the Dune FAQ (always handy) and digging deep with unearth some gems from the likes of the late Dr. McNelly.

The Landsraad – Used to be an major site before it was migrated to Multiply.

Dune Blogs

Hairy Ticks of Dune – Unrelenting stream of bile focussed on the new Dune books and their author.

Kevin J. Anderson’s Blog – The author of the new Dune books.


Essential Reading

The Dune Encyclopedia at thedune.ru – Download Dr. Willis E. McNelly’s legendary Dune Encyclopedia (*in English) in a fully searchable PDF format. Well worth a look.

Frank Herbert – Tim O’Reilly’s 1977 biography of Frank Herbert. Now out-of-print, but still available online. This contains some incredible FH quotes and should be considered a must-read.

Other Sites

Frank Herbert: The Works – Bob R. Bogle’s indepth look at all things FH.)

Dune – Behind the Scenes – Heaps of info on David Lynch’s 1984 film as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ill fated attempt.

Collectors of Dune – Complete listings for everything Dune related that you might be able to find on eBay.

OrthodoxHerbertarian.ttf – The Dune Font – My own recreation of the font used on classic US Ace editions of the Dune Chronicles and other FH books.

Usul’s Homepage – Probably the original Dune site. It hasn’t been updated for years, but the pronunciation guide featuring Frank Herbert himself is reason enough to visit. Well worth a look.

The Dune Wiki – Semi-abandoned, but still alive Wikia wiki dedicated to Dune. Covers both Original Dune and Nu-dune as well as Dune in other media.

Cave of Birds – Excellent resource for quotes from most FH novels.

Dune Index – Book covers, collectors and more.

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