About the Original Dune Font


Orthodox Herbertarian is a new font painstakingly traced from scans of the typeface that was used on the American Ace Editions (Published by The Berkley Publishing Group) of Dune and many other Frank Herbert books (Such as Whipping Star and The Jesus Incident) for around a decade, from the early 70s through to the early 80s.

The exact details are a bit sketchy – at time of writing nobody seems to know what the font is called or who made it. It is likely that it is not a specific typeface but something done in house by the publisher – this fits with the fact that there are non-standard elements that vary from book to book (2 different ‘A’s for example). The most likely candidate for it’s original creator is a man called Jeremiah B. Lighter who “Designed” the Dune Encyclopedia and went on to work as a typographer.

If you have any further ideas or information on any of this – please post a comment on the main page or get in touch.

(Thanks to Bijaz & co over at Jacurutu for doing some digging)

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