The Art of Peter Berg’s Dune

A lone figure is dwarfed by a giant sandworm.
Jock has posted some of his Dune Concept Art on his site.

Back in November 2008, concept artist Jock mentioned in an interview that he was working on some art for a film called Dune directed by Peter Berg.  That particular project died a death with Berg’s departure and new director Pierre Morel’s decision to start again from the ground up. Jock is currently working on art for Berg’s forthcoming Battleship adaptation (yes) and Judge Dredd.

The pictures are not detailed working drawings, they are rough initial concepts and colour studies. Pictures like The Fremen Caves, Sardaukar Attack and even Spice Mining, suggest a mood for a scene – the art is a starting point without too many details to tie things up later on.

The Caladan image is more illustrative. Caladan is in many ways the opposite of Arrakis, so it makes sense that the opposite of a world without water, is a water-world – which is what we see here. My one criticism of this approach is that it Frank Herbert doesn’t mention the seas of Caladan in the first part of Dune, instead he speaks about “orchards” and “green farmlands”, this foreshadows the greening of the desert and the importance of plant-life.

Of the  twelve images, perhaps the most interesting ones are the six sandworm pictures. The approach is pretty unorthodox – they are not neat tube-shaped creatures, these are weird malformed beasts, with giant mandible-flippers to propel themselves through the sand.  The Newborn Worm does look like a cross between a chest-burster and a tumour and the others seem to carry on the Alien influence mixed with varying degrees of mutated random. The energy in these sketches is undeniable, however they all lack any real sense of scale and it’s difficult to imagine how they would translate into believable mile-long beasts.

But… the Long Shot (posted above) of an adult specimen makes me think that they might just have managed to pull it off. The weight and mass of these huge worms as a monsters is something that neither Lynch or the miniseries managed completely successfully.

The pictures are well worth a look and can be found on Jock’s site here:


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  1. Bravo Himachil ! fantastic links !

    JVTA | Sep 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. wait, now I remember why I came in here … and how the fuck do you search this blagh? goddamn it ..

    oh, and I clicked on this one to praise you for saving the Jock concept art here, but you only posted one and left a link for his site, which is where we’re betting the HLP steps down on, right?

    I’ve got them all saved and will post to the Basement Archive from several photo-hosters eventually,but the more places they’re posted when the HLP puts The Law on Jock, the better …

    good-god, I’m cranky this morning … I gotta lotta bullshit to do today, too, I’d better double-up on the Lexapro …

    SandRider | Sep 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. I have them all saved offline in case the HLP (or more likely Paramount – as if the ‘co-producers’ have any actual control over this movie) clamp down. :)

    DuneFish | Oct 14, 2010 | Reply

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