Berg’s New Dune Movie – What we know, so far…

A quick round-up of what’s been going on with Peter Berg’s new Dune Movie. More movie news will be posted here at the Fish Speaker as and when it comes up – Stay tuned!

May 2009 – Rob Pattinson To Go From New Moon To New Dune? (X17 Online)

While on a short break from shooting New Moon [Twilight 2] up in Vancouver, Rob met with Friday Night Lights and Hancock director Peter Berg, who’s also set to direct another big screen adaptation of the sci-fi classic, Dune.

April 2009 – What’s New With Josh Zetumer (The Rouge Wave)

[Writer Josh Zetumer:] “For me, this project was infinitely harder than a spec. I get to a point on most projects where I want to quit/have a near-panic attack. I’m beginning to realize, as horrible as that is, it’s all part of the creative process. It’s like an acid trip; it’s fun, but you know that for at least a couple hours you’re going to be fearing for your life. On DUNE this was especially intense. The book is amazing, but parts read like physics homework. There’s so much terminology, and so much is internal – characters second-guessing each other, trying to gauge situations. The key for me was to keep saying, “What can I do visually to express this idea?” I feel like this is a pretty important question you should be asking yourself on every screenplay. Show not tell.”

April 2009 – Dune Remake Could Be Greenlit Soon (io9)

[Producer, Kevin Misher:] “We’re working on the script right now. We’re going to turn it in shortly. The script is coming in, we’re hoping to get a green light shortly.”

January 2009 – The Wonder Years (Television Without Pity)

[Peter Berg, Re: previous adaptations:] “To me, the book had a tone that was, for lack of a better word, more muscular. It was a little dirtier, it was scarier, it was rougher, it was more intense, and I think that Lynch’s film and the Sci Fi miniseries took a tack that was different. It wasn’t any of those things as I remember the book being. There were so many different aspects of Herbert and his personality…. I will focus on — again, for lack of a better word — a rougher, more muscular version of Herbert’s work. A more muscular interpretation.”

November 2008 – LCS INTERVIEW :: Jock (The Little Chimp Society)

[Mark Simpson, aka Concept Artist Jock:] “I’m work­ing on film con­cept art for the remake of Dune, directed by Pete Berg”

July 2008 – Peter Berg, man of action (

[Peter Berg:] “I look forward to taking it on as an adventure story, in the vein of “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” and “Lord of the Rings.” It’s a big, bold adventure story. That’s how I see it.”

July 2008 – Geek expectations (

[Peter Berg:]“The hype around it is understandable but it’s a little excessive. The fanatics are worried I’m going to destroy it – I’m like calm down, I read the book when I was a kid too! If you re-read it – it’s just a great adventure story. There is a spirituality to it, and a mysticism, and there is a parallel metaphorically about oil, the corporatisation of resources – but at the end of the day, it’s about a kid becoming a leader. There’s incredible action in it and really great intrigue and betrayals, it’s Shakespearean in its scope and I think it’ll be a blast.”

June 2008 – Writer to Visit Dune (IGN)

Josh Zetumer is the lucky scribe tasked with bringing Dune to the big screen once more – he doesn’t have a raft of credits on his CV but is currently working on Villain for 21929 Productions and The Infiltrator at Warner Bros. Apparently, he also did production work on Bond’s latest outing, Quantum of Solace.

March 2008 – New Dune Film from Paramount ( Official Blog)

[Nu-Dune Co-Author, Kevin J. Anderson:] We’ve been working on this for years, and we can finally make the proper announcement. Brian Herbert and I will be official co-producers on the film.

March 2008 – Berg to direct ‘Dune’ for Paramount (Variety)

Peter Berg is attached to direct a bigscreen adaptation of Frank Herbert‘s classic sci-fi novel “Dune” for Paramount Pictures. Kevin Misher, who spent the past year obtaining the book rights from the Herbert estate, will produce via his Par-based shingle.

New Amsterdam’s Richard Rubenstein, who produced Sci Fi’s “Dune” and sequel “Children of Dune,” is also producing alongside Sarah Aubrey of Film 44, Berg’s production banner. John Harrison and Mike Messina exec produce.

The project is out to writers, with the producers looking for a faithful adaptation of the Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning book. The filmmakers consider its theme of finite ecological resources particularly timely.

Dec 2007 – Berg will Direct ‘Dune’ (MTV Movies)

Berg says that while there’s no script yet, they have a list of writers they plan to go out to once the strike settles. The helmer called himself “a huge fan of the book” and when asked about the scale of the film, he simply replied, “big big big.”

October 2007 – RUMOR: More On That New DUNE Project We’ve Been Hearing About!! Studio?? Director?? (AICN)

In short, Checkyr says the studio in question is Paramount…which is aggressively building a formidable arsenal of franchises via TRANSFORMERS, JJ Abrams’ STAR TREK re-deployment, and spin-off potential built into INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL.

And the director in question? Writer/Director Peter Berg. He directed FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, THE RUNDOWN (hooray for monkey love!), and…more recently…THE KINGDOM.

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