Other fonts used for DUNE

I’ve gotten a few commenters, both here and elsewhere asking about other Dune fonts – so I thought I’d make a bit of a reference post.

Dune (1984)


Top of the list is the font used for David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of Dune. The font is an alternate version of Albertus . I’m not sure exactly what version it is but, the D is extended, the U has lost it’s stem and middle prong of the E is been different.

Bonus extra: the “Secret Report” font is one called AvantGarde LT Medium.


Nu-Dune (1999-2008)


The font used on the US editions of the nu-dune books by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson up until 2008 is Benguiat. It is stretched vertically, but other-wise unaltered.


Nu-Dune (2009-present)

Nu-Dune new

The font used on Nu-Dune books and re-prints post Winds of Dune, is a slightly modified version of Priori Serif – the N is simply the U rotated 180 degrees. Also on the US editions, the top-right serif on the U is removed.


Other Dune Fonts


These three fonts were created by Mike Lee and Josh Dixon in 1998. Fremen was based on John Quijada’s work in the Dune Encyclopedia, while Galach and Guild were both based on the text seen in the 1984 Dune movie.

Hope that helps. :)

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