Chase Palmer to Write Dune Script »

Feb 2010 – ‘Dune’ film finds a new writer ( Chase Palmer has been hired to work on the “Dune” script for director Pierre Morel at Paramount. So who is this guy and what has he done? … Funny you should ask… Shock and Awe from Miky Wolf on Vimeo. NEO-NOIR from Chase Palmer […]

Berg back, script drafted, KJA talking testicles? »

Sept 2009 – ‘Dune’ Remake Will Have ‘Hard PG-13′ Rating With Franchise Potential, Reveals Peter Berg (MTV Movies Blog) Josh Zetumer’s script, Berg revealed, is almost 200 pages long—”a massive epic,” Berg said—and it could potentially spawn more than just the one film. With the project still in the script phase, the task now for […]

Brian Herbert meets Peter Berg »

Brian Herbert: Hair of Dune Aug 2009 – Brian Herbert: The Chronicler Heir of Dune (The Trades) [Brian Herbert (Frank’s son and co-author of the new-dune books):] “Now we have a deal with Paramount Pictures. Kevin and I had pitched various movie studios Dune: House Atreides, which was our first novel. We thought that would […]